Best Wedding Fails | Funniest Wedding Fails Compilation 2021 

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Which #funny moment reminds you of your #wedding memory? 😆
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16. 02. 2021





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Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes Před 2 měsíci
I shouldn't laugh at these...but, then again, I am.
Jesus Marquez
Jesus Marquez Před 6 dny
lol lmaoo hahahah same find it so funny Jacob Huges
Viper Před 14 dny
I did*
moni chandran
moni chandran Před 26 dny
@Nick Heese q2o1
eunice achieng
eunice achieng Před měsícem
Honestly I can't hold it...am trying but I just have to🙊....
Karl_Drogo55 Před 2 měsíci
All same accounts above lol
KashOutMike Před 7 hodinami
7:09 So this man just speared his wife onto the corner of a doorway and we just not gon talk about it??
Preity Gurung
Preity Gurung Před 21 hodinou
mysterious diva
mysterious diva Před dnem
why im stuck watching the groom being scared by getting kick by those horses,almost jump onto his bride's lap..well the bride is ready to protect him 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mesfin Adugna
Mesfin Adugna Před 2 dny
It means that There is always one who films
Tyler Forest
Tyler Forest Před 2 dny
That's for once is quite funny : weddings are so ridiculous, grotesque anyway !
Małgorzata Podgórna
Myślałam ze tylko mnie mąż wywalił na weselu...
BonoBonoYaaa Před 4 dny
I need 7:00 such type of dedication towards the work in my life!!lmao
BonoBonoYaaa Před 4 dny
My reaction to most of the clips in this was WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO DO THAT ON YOUR WEDDING!!!:,)
shakti7 Před 4 dny
In the first video the guy who threw the bride and the pastor off was looking at the bridesmaid in front of her.
shakti7 Před 4 dny
Why do these guys do these stupidity
Kiran Devi
Kiran Devi Před 4 dny
0:50 this happen when drink out of limit 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kumbaga Před 6 dny
Skate boarding and wedding dress,...what could go wrong???
Riri rommie
Riri rommie Před 7 dny
I'm gonna have divorce right after my wedding if in future my husband try to pull any of this hilarious shame of a stunt😭😂...jk jk jk
VV Před 7 dny
@0:46 broke back ;)
sunjay and jakewon enthusiast
oh no the priest fell for the girl 0:18
K N Před 7 dny
Estaba convencido hace tiempo de que la gente es imbécil, pero definitivamente queda confirmado. La sociedad es gilipollas.
Drip Reiner
Drip Reiner Před 8 dny
3:11 ZA WARUDO!!! 3:16 Time resume
Patricia Whitehead
Patricia Whitehead Před 8 dny
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
I think you get spine injured after the wedding rooiio???😁😁😁😁😁your honeymoon dude ssss on d wheel.chair most probably 😂😂😂😂😂😁😲😲😲😂😂😂😂good that I got married to an Indian gal god damn ✌✌✌✌
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
Are you people insane actually 😂😂😂😂😂OMG
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
Toooo romantic weddings dude 😍😍😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
😁😁😁😁your horses
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
Heyyyy that's you r friend in d background 😂😂😂😂😂😂
pomy samy
pomy samy Před 8 dny
😁😁😁😁😁😁👈👈👈your weddings are awesome
Josie S
Josie S Před 8 dny
Some of those photographers are real opportunists haha
The_Ginger Bread_Man
Don't back flip into your bride and please don't try to pick her up right away cause she will straight back down due to her concussion
mkg g
mkg g Před 9 dny
6:44 what is "hilarious" is the speech the little girl gave, her falling down was the universe "christening" her speech as BS.
Glenda Collins
Glenda Collins Před 9 dny
So funnyman I cant
Andrey Stankov
Andrey Stankov Před 9 dny
5:38 AAAND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENAAA! Plays ▶️ John Cena theme
merry hunt
merry hunt Před 9 dny
Remember when a wedding was a holy statement of loving commitment, not a clown show?
Asha Nayak
Asha Nayak Před 9 dny
7:05 camera man let's capture this 📷
Sai vaishnavi Gunda
So please don't wear heels alert
meghpink meghpink
meghpink meghpink Před 9 dny
0:00, 2:39 No bodies of water No messing with the cake No dips Ring Bearer should have surgeon like hands Don't pick up/carry the bride to be Pls don't hand rings near water
Ghjbb Jjnnj
Ghjbb Jjnnj Před 10 dny
سمع لغه عربيه 2 نفس شي
Ghjbb Jjnnj
Ghjbb Jjnnj Před 10 dny
تربيه دينيه رمانسيه أفضل تربيه
Sara Parker
Sara Parker Před 10 dny
2:26 guy sees his life flash before his eyes!
Gamershellboy1 Před 11 dny
2:25 now that's a keeper.
Space Lemur
Space Lemur Před 11 dny
How grateful I am that at my wedding, everyone just got gently schnockered and no-one tried to show off. Of course, this was in the days before cell-phone cameras and the temptation to go viral.
Nidhi Mehta
Nidhi Mehta Před 11 dny
My god! It is soo embarassing
Nidhi Mehta
Nidhi Mehta Před 11 dny
Human beings are sooo clumsy and stupid 😂
Trending Views
Trending Views Před 12 dny
I can't stop laughing
jorge leyva
jorge leyva Před 12 dny
3.41 omg the horses lmfao
Susan Slack
Susan Slack Před 13 dny
Places not to have your wedding and how not to be embarrassed u invited you who..who destroyed your wedding
Stijn Před 13 dny
3:40 😱 He just have taken the wrong horses
Palak 1708
Palak 1708 Před 13 dny
0:35 they fell in love!
fook yoo
fook yoo Před 14 dny
Wedding fails could fuck up your life
MissMichSan Před 14 dny
That skateboarding bride fell hard for her man.
adrianaLuv03 _
adrianaLuv03 _ Před 14 dny
2:29 that was so cute Oml
Origami Magic
Origami Magic Před 15 dny
3:33 lol I laughed so hard
Yelan Chiba
Yelan Chiba Před 15 dny
The entire video is laughable.
Бехруз Жураев
Linda Liriel
Linda Liriel Před 15 dny
One thing to keep in mind: some of those wedding dresses weigh a LOT. Mine was about 15 kg and it was just an A-line with some lace and a little beading, but bigger, more elaborate dresses can weight much more. If a bride falls into water, the people are right to rush to her; not just because of the emotional upset, but because the weight could pull her under.
Sweta Limboo
Sweta Limboo Před 15 dny
Unlimited fun😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
विजय योद्धा
साले की पेंट निकल गई🤣🤣
Alejandro Z
Alejandro Z Před 16 dny
It's those spring-loaded ring boxes that cause the rings to come flying out when you open them. There has got to be a better way!
Algrina Begum
Algrina Begum Před 16 dny
6:57 the bride falls Cameraman: oh sh-t let me help you -Oh wait i got paid to click pictures
Adhiraj Patil
Adhiraj Patil Před 17 dny
The man's pants came down during the ring part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yash Kaimariya
Yash Kaimariya Před 17 dny
Causes : 1. Slippery floor. 2. Gowns. 3. Over excitement. 4. Tricks. 5. Stunts.
Yash Kaimariya
Yash Kaimariya Před 17 dny
Most falls bcuz of their gowns
Big Barty
Big Barty Před 17 dny
Are there no bounds to peoples stupidity?
KshastraGG Před 17 dny
Glad i watched them getting married and failing at same time, so that i don't have to.
Farnaz Před 18 dny
Thank you. But I was so sorry for all those falls ! I could not laugh !
Meghan Brown
Meghan Brown Před 18 dny
2:28 cringe af
Silver Fountain
Silver Fountain Před 18 dny
very funny
Bindi Nidhii
Bindi Nidhii Před 18 dny
OMG.. it's really very funny 😂😂
zia ziaulhaque
zia ziaulhaque Před 18 dny
I love it 😍
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan Před 19 dny
Whts the most embrassing one
Raquel c
Raquel c Před 19 dny
5:38 he just keeps throwing her, didn’t finish off the job the first time 😂😂
axis gaol
axis gaol Před 20 dny
0:28 as a husband, I would've jumped into the pool too..
Annabelle Rochester
Annabelle Rochester Před 20 dny
I doubt that they'll forget their anniversary now 🤣
Ashna Rank
Ashna Rank Před 20 dny
These men are just too wild with these ladies. Chill it's okay, like where y'all running to?🤣🤣
Ashna Rank
Ashna Rank Před 20 dny
The skew horse and carriage had me in tears🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laraib Naseer
Laraib Naseer Před 20 dny
8:8 person hit him with bad intention
winter snow
winter snow Před 21 dnem
It's really dangerous to mess with cake, especially to push someone's face onto the cake. some cake have wooden sticks in them to hold the cake together especially cakes with many layers like wedding cake. There were cases of people got the sticks in their eyes and face. Ever since I know this, I never see cake the same way anymore.
Omega, Noel F.
Omega, Noel F. Před 21 dnem
Lesson learned never make your vows near a body of water
Adurty Sasidhar
Adurty Sasidhar Před 21 dnem
4:00 I got first rank in my school but never got this much of appreciation
Jonathan Ramírez
Jonathan Ramírez Před 21 dnem
7:00 GOAT photographer
nandiny Nair
nandiny Nair Před 22 dny
The video at 7.09... Photographer guy: OMG I need to help.... Wait a minute.... I should take a picture of her most memorable moment..... 🤣🤣🤣
Lucky3 Ace
Lucky3 Ace Před 22 dny
i love it so much
twiggy king
twiggy king Před 22 dny
The brown girl tales
Person should watch this who having a bad day... It's just so funny 🤣
The brown girl tales
Hahahha.... So funny
Aurora Desire
Aurora Desire Před 23 dny
BrownTrout Před 23 dny
Has anyone checked on the girl in the blue dress? First gets kicked in the back of the head and dropped, then picked up and immediately fell again. I felt so bad but that was the funniest 🤣
Manoj F
Manoj F Před 23 dny
7.04 professionalism
Texas Red
Texas Red Před 24 dny
I thought nothing could top the epic bridal flight at 3:34 but those horses in veils right after made me lmfao
Murray the Dog
Murray the Dog Před 24 dny
Too bad the first one is already determined. That wasn't real
Jared Barbon
Jared Barbon Před 24 dny
5:33 video link? If you get it right I will subscribe to you
Chaitanya thyagi
Chaitanya thyagi Před 24 dny
5:40 ... oh my god!!!
bella Před 24 dny
Vaya tela! Algunos tienen mucha tela 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
jose sang 17
jose sang 17 Před 24 dny
《be a VOICE not an ECHO》✓
And here's "fails" the bride - 0:17 - 7:45 😂😂😂😂😂
Насима Мифтахутдинова
с тортом конечно безобразие во всех свадьбах не свадьба а пьяная тусовка
Rashi Nair
Rashi Nair Před 25 dny
5:39 wth
Rashi Nair
Rashi Nair Před 25 dny
2:15 the ladies were like, we’re off y’all
Klazyo Před 25 dny
0:15 devouring that woman with his eyes and wanted to look cool haha funny
XFCBXS3rgy Před 25 dny
I'd rather not get married
majlinda bardhi
majlinda bardhi Před 25 dny
Ha haaaaaa
Sleepings Před 26 dny
Screw spending so much money on the wedding. Just sign city papers and spend the wedding money on yourselves ! Travel more, buy sports cars/motorcycle or down payment on a bigger house
Swiss Alps
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Funny Wedding Fails Compilation