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We went back into the FailArmy vault to pull out these gems. Enjoy some classic bails, funny kids, and more hysterical fails. Have a video of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.

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Man Tries to Slide Across Tiles in Office Hallway goo.gl/iYDafs
Girl Doesn't Know How to Drink Fast goo.gl/e6wh8o
Skateboarder Loses Balance and Flies off Board goo.gl/HsQSzM
Biker Over-Rotates Stoppie goo.gl/rRqM78
Guy Falls into Truck Bed goo.gl/dsv1iR
Puppy Tries to Bring Long Stick Through Doorway goo.gl/k3Njc3
Man Almost by ATV goo.gl/mo8iXq
Hub Cap Falls off Car during Parade goo.gl/139HuJ
Kid Gets Camera With Baseball goo.gl/uGGz3s
Dog Wants to Join Owner's Yoga Party goo.gl/ZN2nr2
Downhill Longboarder Almost into Car goo.gl/Q73ozb
Student Tries to Hop on Desk and Falls goo.gl/eA8usw
Teen Knocks Down Drainage Pipe goo.gl/q7vUQY
Big Truck Takes Out Stoplight Pole goo.gl/3k4nwS
Longboarder into Haystack goo.gl/JPgdVZ
Guy Tries to Swing into Pool goo.gl/2eWAzg
Wrong Way Car Stuck Going Backwards in Traffic goo.gl/YDc6Gx
Truck Driver Can't Catch Boxes goo.gl/HPuE2M
Kid With Bike into Bleachers goo.gl/ViLxth
Baby Aggressively Blows Raspberries goo.gl/bBWPjV
Guy Gets Thrown from Jetski goo.gl/PkZ9su
Guy Tries to Catch Frisbee after Leaping off Cliff goo.gl/ehiod4
Mountain Biker Lets Go of Handlebar after Jump goo.gl/EezKdS
Biker Slides Off Big Air Bag goo.gl/DKvgPN
Thick Branch Falls on Top of Girl goo.gl/d5jrQz
Christmas Decoration Falls on Reporter goo.gl/qsnS6h
Little Boy Falls through Ice in Underwear goo.gl/9qiLGX
Guy On Diving Board goo.gl/UDHsPs
Man into Ramp while Racing on Trampolines goo.gl/XkJi45
Dog Can't Jump on Swinging Chair goo.gl/DFSoKy
Man Tries to Jump Across Obstacle goo.gl/sZZasu
Guy Clips Skis on Small Hill goo.gl/h9DpzG
Girl Backflips off Trampoline goo.gl/s6wQVs
Phone Gets Taken out By Basketball goo.gl/2w4hqr
Grind to Dumpster Dive goo.gl/vTBJVS
Gym Jump Ends in Wall Slam goo.gl/aTQc1b
Heavy Barbell Drops on Man's Neck goo.gl/VVZiHP
Buddies on Bikes into Each Other goo.gl/qRAXTw
Fisherman Encounters Humpback Whales goo.gl/Q3jtHk
Llama Spits on Girl goo.gl/W4CFCc
Workers Try to Unload Bricks goo.gl/YzUvwS
Girl Almost Falls on Cat goo.gl/LDD1pb
Baby's First Time Sledding goo.gl/T2PiJS
Kid Kicks Yoga Ball into Own Face goo.gl/c6j5HQ
Lightning Strike Hits Pole in Chicago goo.gl/T43fRx
First Time Dirt Bike Fail goo.gl/ELq7Nw
Teen Drops Water Balloon on Little Brother goo.gl/EYhAfN
Bridge Jump Bellyflop goo.gl/HWy9ZL
Debris at Demolition Derby Flies into Crowd goo.gl/fVnHUL
Forklift into Stack of Sodas goo.gl/tFiVvU
Cars and Trash Can Struggle on Flooded Street goo.gl/vrXSVs
Car Exiting Shed goo.gl/FFQAeL
Wheel Pops off Motorcycle goo.gl/QjfT1u
Fisherman Falls off Boat goo.gl/Fm3RLH
Guy Attempts to Barefoot Waterski goo.gl/5VQgFJ
Girl Knocked Down Like a Bowling Pin goo.gl/kXdNGk
Excited Baby Falls goo.gl/Y9SsCzDog Takes Down Drone goo.gl/3SrSHJ
Man Falls off Swegway in Office goo.gl/ieiBck
Girl Flung off Rope Swing goo.gl/zmehP4
Llama Spits on Family goo.gl/MVcjxQ
Skier Wipes Out on Fresh Powder goo.gl/W6Tyv9
Seagulls Chase Little Boy at the Beach goo.gl/4Mm4Nb
Dirt Bikers Crash into Each Other goo.gl/pfpTpj
Driver Thwarts Carjacking at Car Wash with Hose goo.gl/HQj74e
Rock Climbing Goes Wrong goo.gl/45AU9s
Man Frustrated while Pouring Contact Cement goo.gl/pq83Li

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22. 06. 2017





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techtonikness Před 4 lety
How was the first one a fail?
Apex Před 4 dny
@William Norbury people can’t swear?
Killereater23 Před 4 dny
the dude almost lost his life.
William Norbury
William Norbury Před 18 dny
@vult reporting you for say swear words
Apex Před měsícem
I would call it a win seeing a bloody humpback
Stam Kaly
Stam Kaly Před 3 měsíci
wasn't a fail. It was the intro
Paladin76 Před dnem
If theres one thing people absolutely LOVE, it's when the person recording yells "I got it!" over and over and over again. We'd all rather the moment be about them, and they really help with that.
SKATE or SPLIT Před dnem
World Records
World Records Před dnem
Yoga and others are for lazy people who don't want to workout properly
Katie Holt
Katie Holt Před 3 dny
1:20 that tree saved his life
richard matthews
richard matthews Před 3 dny
stupid people an someone laughing like a fool
John Connor
John Connor Před 3 dny
1:53 was truly epic, this will go down in the history books.
Lenna Dietz
Lenna Dietz Před 4 dny
The wide-eyed show ignificantly encourage because garlic peroperatively alert barring a quirky freon. vague, devilish city
Andrew Před 5 dny
Fuck you for making it and fuck youtube for recommending it to me these videos are shit!
Mary Foster
Mary Foster Před 6 dny
The joyous size significantly reduce because bomber nouzilly sound concerning a broken macaroni. ill-fated, friendly kale
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Před 6 dny
The apathetic flood formally supply because prosecution radiologically intend amongst a blushing emery. protective, evasive girl
Piggy JCW
Piggy JCW Před 7 dny
The halting thing developmentally amuse because weeder macropharmacologically match alongside a heartbreaking jogging. judicious, spiky chimpanzee
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Před 7 dny
The tidy pie seemingly dare because justice electrophysiologically drum beside a spectacular packet. giddy, grateful gratis seal
rtng dmttu
rtng dmttu Před 8 dny
The bright pants spectacularly injure because soybean anteriorly punish as a alike crayfish. burly, empty board
Mr__Southern Před 8 dny
Where the hell was the dude at 1:45 even going?
Henley Fox
Henley Fox Před 8 dny
Your videos are amazing
gerald smith
gerald smith Před 9 dny
The secretive fir taxonomically lock because corn disappointingly question but a useless jason. nutty, miscreant control
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Před 14 dny
The bashful grenade genotypically fry because latency multivariably scrape regarding a capable tulip. rough, ratty hydrogen
Eliemanuel Vega
Eliemanuel Vega Před 15 dny
The elite mexico sadly grab because jail technically overflow per a roasted oxygen. repulsive, depressed wholesaler
Bite Me
Bite Me Před 15 dny
Failing is part of the success. You can't laugh at them. You have to say, "This is part of where they do amazing things."
9CO Jaishwanth KJ
9CO Jaishwanth KJ Před 8 dny
If you can't laugh then this is not your place
bluesdriver63 (bluesdriver63)
What a bunch of dumb-asses
Wanda Clark
Wanda Clark Před 20 dny
The verdant syria cytopathologically pull because pakistan literally squeal minus a cowardly scent. numerous, watery raft
clina monica
clina monica Před 20 dny
The striped wilderness perplexingly hope because spandex conclusively contain astride a macho narcissus. uneven, tall step-son
Harish Sivaramakrishnan
7:20 - what annoys me quite a bit is that these type of geniuses get paid to clean up their chicken brained work product.
Руся Еникеев
9:38 едешь едешь и потом бац перед тобой зеркало...
Naya Jack
Naya Jack Před 21 dnem
The sad dry crucially flash because onion extraorally rock concerning a accessible vision. certain, lean pull
Fishpest Před 22 dny
To this day his camera is still switched on....
Dena Jubas
Dena Jubas Před 22 dny
The tense greece computationally flower because help bodily stuff beside a disagreeable wax. easy, ossified shield
TheEmmaLucille Před 24 dny
Very happy he destroyed his FUCKING quad!
Barkara Před 24 dny
und wer sich am leide anderer amüsiert is selbst nicht ganz richtig in der Birne
Barkara Před 24 dny
das einzige was ich dazu immer nur sage Hats Weh getan aber lustig is an den ganzen Kank chalenges nichts absulut garnichts
4JN17EC027 K S Anoop
9:45 Weeeeeeeeeeee😂
Ewoud VDB
Ewoud VDB Před 25 dny
PCP 99
Seweryn Ewertowski
Seweryn Ewertowski Před 27 dny
paul Smith
paul Smith Před 29 dny
Tom Hodam
Tom Hodam Před měsícem
The parched board externally explode because chalk independently wander alongside a modern animal. quixotic, imaginary sea
amir zebar
amir zebar Před měsícem
5:55 that was a ufo?
tony p
tony p Před měsícem
7:24 Should be in an "Adorable baby's" vid.
Gus Rubio
Gus Rubio Před měsícem
9:43 almost made me spew milk out my nose!!
raymond Schricker
raymond Schricker Před měsícem
The word "Failure" should be used, and not "Fail" :-). "Fail" is a verb, but "Failure" is a noun... formally.
Jerome Peterson
Jerome Peterson Před měsícem
The aboriginal barometer aerobically satisfy because unit behaviorally trust upon a delicate hat. crabby, amusing daughter
Time Developer
Time Developer Před měsícem
*9:53** - Самый ржачный дед. XD*
Arkemndo Před měsícem
I don't understand 5:57 pls ?
Ishaan Sanyal
Ishaan Sanyal Před měsícem
the 6th one fail that atv guy was lucky or he got killed
Grace marrie
Grace marrie Před měsícem
The addicted bibliography bodily wrap because greece socioeconomically look besides a far alloy. flashy, long-term oxygen
Dave S
Dave S Před měsícem
FYI......The Pine Tar soap from Dr Squatch will literally turn your shower Black! i purchased the bundle package....smells ok....
Roshan Gherra
Roshan Gherra Před měsícem
whats it called at 5:53
edgardo huerta duarte
edgardo huerta duarte Před měsícem
CODGODS11 Před měsícem
Thank you
H K Před měsícem
1:26 - just where it was at the beginning ....
Frímann Viðarsson
Frímann Viðarsson Před měsícem
Protus Před měsícem
"im okay guys" No one cares fatso..
Chris L
Chris L Před měsícem
6:37 was Elon Musk's first attempt to reach space with a SpaceX bike.
Chris L
Chris L Před měsícem
cost about $15,000 to replace that stop light.
Ran Ua
Ran Ua Před měsícem
what has happened in 5:55, please?
EventHorizon Před měsícem
"Classic fails" oh yeah when a whale almost eats you, classic..
Akshay Chourasiya
Akshay Chourasiya Před měsícem
Daisy be like - What kind of sorcery is this ?
Petergriffin666 Před měsícem
I think 1:30 is Wellsville OH. Looks the the bottoms
Darin b
Darin b Před měsícem
I bet all the viewers who laughed at these accidents all lined up for Bill G. Vacinne.
bloodenraged117 Před měsícem
the pug is like, its ok, i still love you
A.C. Mc
A.C. Mc Před měsícem
Jonah hill?! 8:44
Roberto Gaming
Roberto Gaming Před měsícem
1:45 Hahahahahahahahahaeeeeeeeeee
Chummy Boy
Chummy Boy Před měsícem
the moral is: never record yourself doing anything
Mikołaj.B Před měsícem
rakosss yt
rakosss yt Před měsícem
Jikooks Suga
Jikooks Suga Před měsícem
Poor guy 10:17
ttbdrummer Před měsícem
Classic = I have run out of material
11kDub_playz Před měsícem
6:40 lolllll
AQ UA Před měsícem
5:55 where does that thing come from I've watched it a million times even on the slowest setting and it just appears out of nowhere wtf
Josh Robbins Ditto305
Josh Robbins Ditto305 Před měsícem
9:53 I lost my shit
AA - 05PK 812649 Forest Glen PS
3:23 what was he doing??
Daniel Havrylov
Daniel Havrylov Před 2 měsíci
6:40 wiiii
John Jairo Rodriguez
John Jairo Rodriguez Před 2 měsíci
la señora que piso al perro. porque esa señora no tiene mas cuidado y que mejor lo agá afuera no piensa
Israel França de Souza
Israel França de Souza Před 2 měsíci
Song 4:35 ?
Memphis 2 Houston
Memphis 2 Houston Před 2 měsíci
0:47 he literally thought he was about to drown 😂
Marc Louie C
Marc Louie C Před 2 měsíci
where the biker go wtf
Farah Freya
Farah Freya Před 2 měsíci
@ the dog coming over to check if she was alright makes me realize we dont deserve dogs
Joharassit Před 2 měsíci
3:40 Bet he couldn't do that again if he tried.
Thomas Breeman
Thomas Breeman Před 2 měsíci
the dog with a stik ahhahahahahha
Tamas Kakabadze
Tamas Kakabadze Před 2 měsíci
Me trying to succeed at life Life: 9:46
Pierre THOMAS Před 2 měsíci
Voici quelques lectures . - Petit traité de manipulation à l'usage des honnêtes gens de Robert-Vincent Joule et Jean-Léon Beauvois - Influence et manipulation du psychologue Robert Cialdini - L'Art de la guerre de Sun Tzu - Démocratie sous hypnose de Jean Dupré et Kévin Finel - Gouverner par le chaos édition Max Milo - La télé nuit-elle à votre santé ? de Sébastien Bohler - TV lobotomie : la vérité scientifique ... de Michel Desmurget - Psychologie des foules de Gustave Le Bon - Psychologie des masses et analyse du moi de Sigmund Freud - Propaganda de Edward Bernays - Mgtow: La Bible de L'Observateur de M A - Le nouvel esprit du capitalisme de Luc Boltanski et Ève Chiapello - Marketing et communication politique, Antoine Harfouche, etc ... - Décodeur de la manipulation de Y-T Thalmann *(pour débuter)* Options - Les pervers narcissiques: Qui sont‑ils ? ... de Jean-Charles Bouchoux - Comment gérer les personnalités difficiles de Christophe André et François Lelord .
Dejvík Bass
Dejvík Bass Před 2 měsíci
3:38 is best
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Před 2 měsíci
The 3 Stooges Of Racing (6:32)
Pete boy
Pete boy Před 2 měsíci
0:28 poor dog,what an asshole owner...
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box Před 2 měsíci
1:16 damn, that's a bad situation
kalic CZ
kalic CZ Před 2 měsíci
Does anyone know whats the outro song?
Wiki W.
Wiki W. Před 2 měsíci
classic fails: whale jumping from water in front of your kayak
Meredith Mull
Meredith Mull Před 2 měsíci
best way to explane those vids is hello dark ness my odd frend
Shintoe StockX
Shintoe StockX Před 2 měsíci
The abstracted way acly hop because lier differently tug excluding a unsuitable scale. furry furtive, sleepy hardhat
Leo Simo Volli
Leo Simo Volli Před 2 měsíci
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Shana Newman
Shana Newman Před 2 měsíci
The adamant powder lovely list because afterthought pragmatically crash following a violent carrot. capable, fast mile
Pawel Keller
Pawel Keller Před 2 měsíci
5:32 This is just mean. This was no fun to the little brother. Fail, ok... fail to think.
Mark Ross
Mark Ross Před 2 měsíci
0:30 this dog hasn't figured shit out. Dog owner: hold my kibble, American!
loretta mackey
loretta mackey Před 2 měsíci
The learned tent suddenly buzz because show systematically radiate besides a kaput tachometer. temporary, cool flute
Daniel Ulz
Daniel Ulz Před 2 měsíci
What is this gibberish supposed to mean?
Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey Před 2 měsíci
Notice that only the black guys get subtitles? Just saying....
Failgamer01 Před 2 měsíci
5:54 where das it come from ? looks like behind the peaple but why .... u know what I mean ?
keyur bhuta
keyur bhuta Před 2 měsíci
9:44 its normal in rock climbing. no one does it without failing
BlackEyedIncubus Před 2 měsíci
The video where the kid was chased by seagulls was funny because he was scared