Why You Shouldn't Walk On A Frozen Lake | Human vs Earth Fails 

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In celebration of Earth Day, we at FailArmy wanted to share this short reminder of just how silly and ruthless that Mother Nature and her elements can be at times.
#failarmy​​ #earthday2021​​​ #mothernaturerocks #naturerules​​ #sillyhumans #environmentaljustice
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21. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100   
FailArmy Před 19 dny
Respect your mother! Tell us about a time you were slapped down by the elements...Any of these look familiar?
WiIIiam KEVIN Před 6 dny
Já deixa o like no começo👍
Kayden Boden
Kayden Boden Před 10 dny
@Ryder Jagger yup, been using Flixzone for since december myself :)
Ryder Jagger
Ryder Jagger Před 10 dny
pro trick : watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.
twitchster77 Před 11 dny
My mom passed away 4 years ago. :*(
Laughters Forever
Laughters Forever Před 18 dny
Laughters Forever is best
GTA gta2
GTA gta2 Před 2 hodinami
As a rule, two weeks of sub zero then ice is safe.
Lynx Poing
Lynx Poing Před 13 hodinami
-I got your back man, with the camera. *guy falls through ice* -Oh, my word! He he. *instead of helping the guy he's laughing* ...
Mothmane Před 17 hodinami
2:21 Fat Nick wtf man ?
The 808
The 808 Před dnem
5:24 bruh thats scary
MissRandom !
MissRandom ! Před 3 dny
I hate Dave.
wiener Před 4 dny
I like how he’s laughing while his buddy is drowning
NoLimits Před 5 dny
0:11 so thats what Manny Pacquiao has been up to
WiIIiam KEVIN Před 6 dny
Cai na água gelada kkkkkkkk
Thisisisist Před 6 dny
1:10 no se de que se ríe si el otro se está ahogando!
xen eternity
xen eternity Před 8 dny
2:21 Screen test for Mary Poppins.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Před 8 dny
BOOM POPS Před 9 dny
cool stuff!! big up! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Před 9 dny
The couple with the quick sand was funny.
Darthadios Před 9 dny
Have people ever heard about self-protection instinct ? Americans and Russians are completely lacking that.
Liam Jensen
Liam Jensen Před 9 dny
is that a rx7 sheeeeeesh
Steve Utgaard
Steve Utgaard Před 10 dny
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
5:24” come on kids it’s bath night, grab the soap”
Hunter Před 11 dny
4:05 On Todays forcast, cloudy with a chance of rocks.
twitchster77 Před 11 dny
01:00 Laughing your ass off as your friend is drowning and fighting for his life. Nice.
Glooscap Official
Glooscap Official Před 11 dny
That's fat nick 2:21 😂 my man
Donjeuw Před 12 dny
Climate Fail
Jamie Fretwell
Jamie Fretwell Před 12 dny
wow dude almost drowns and the guy just laughs at him.
Misiek Před 12 dny
To jest nie do przejechania...
thufir hawat
thufir hawat Před 13 dny
4:01 pouring earth ?
Parth Gupta
Parth Gupta Před 13 dny
2:00 got me 😂
Korpen Před 14 dny
I'm amazed to see this channel make a comeback with such good fails. Not even a single "haha look baby fell!" Thank god
stanley weezy
stanley weezy Před 14 dny
This was pure gold! 🤣
Alex Michelson
Alex Michelson Před 14 dny
Is no one gonna say shit about the shit falling from the sky at 4:01
Steroid Jenkins
Steroid Jenkins Před 14 dny
4:50 never seen a yard SO GREENNNN
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer Před 14 dny
The kayak guy laughing while friend can't breathe.
Julian Sosa
Julian Sosa Před 15 dny
Rubius? 7:00
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Před 15 dny
That is the best start to one of these I've ever seen 😍 Not counting the one before the intro😁
Living Soule
Living Soule Před 15 dny
Just fyi....if you start to experience lift-off from a kite or wind sail, just let go with one hand. It'll come straight down and so will you. And you'll still have the kite after it's over.
Miss Nadia
Miss Nadia Před 15 dny
2:33 Poland!🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Living Soule
Living Soule Před 15 dny
Earth Day title just means there's a lot of ugly people in these videos.
mathew weston
mathew weston Před 15 dny
At 5:19 we’ve witnessed the modern day Houdini
Jonas A
Jonas A Před 15 dny
7:20 this is really how they traffic lights work in Poland. The will swing back next time it is read.
Sebastião Salgado
Sebastião Salgado Před 15 dny
2:22 fat nick?
̟̔ Před 15 dny
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ
Eric R
Eric R Před 15 dny
4:59 Our grandparents on their daily trip to school
Anubis God of the Dead
4:01 If that Rain becomes normal WE are doomed A normal conversation about a rainy day Starts with He: hey Babe it's raining! She: yeah🙄 Let me take out my adamantium umbrella, and i am READY for Work🤗
Alex Michelson
Alex Michelson Před 14 dny
Is that shit?
equarg Před 15 dny
First Clip: 🤦‍♀️ As a young autistic little girl I figure out watching the news that walking, much less driving, on ice was a BAD IDEA. I don’t care how thick the ice is. It’s a huge NOPE in my book. Note. Tiny puddles less then a foot deep is fine. But I will NEVER go out on a lake, river, or pond.
Santiago Álvarez
Santiago Álvarez Před 16 dny
5:26 Momento linea San Martin. Argentina papa
lesedi m.
lesedi m. Před 16 dny
6:56 rumor has it the scarf is still flying away
rey jo
rey jo Před 16 dny
Nooooo, not Manny Pacquiao (thumb)
Peter Maclean
Peter Maclean Před 16 dny
Never forget that your best friend WILL laugh at you while mother nature tries to kill you...
Ethan Higley
Ethan Higley Před 16 dny
1:39 Just a dustbin rolling in the wind 🌬
Ethan Higley
Ethan Higley Před 16 dny
5:11 The Venus guy trap
RIXRADvidz Před 16 dny
down through the ice, ''oh my word'' kayaks drowning in a maelstrom, ''ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'' The Species HAS Split, you now have Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Anthropoid Troglodytes
Kevin VS
Kevin VS Před 16 dny
5:46 nice rx7
Leon Korosec
Leon Korosec Před 16 dny
0:16 dammmn failarmy chill
megavern72 Před 16 dny
7:21 That's some final destination stuff right there.
Peter Walker
Peter Walker Před 16 dny
So what was that falling onto the cars, birds???
Val M
Val M Před 16 dny
4:19 мозгов нет - считай калека.
Pyrexx Pete
Pyrexx Pete Před 16 dny
Fat Nick with umbrella is great
Susanne 02
Susanne 02 Před 16 dny
Oh mein Gott, der Kajakfahrer...
Alaska Snowdays
Alaska Snowdays Před 17 dny
The fails with the kites aren’t funny it’s Really dangerous when you have no idea how to control and stall a kite
Shadow Ze' Phoenix
Shadow Ze' Phoenix Před 17 dny
I love the storm of tumbleweeds 😂😂😂
Laurel Anderson
Laurel Anderson Před 17 dny
The guy at 3:01 was sleeping on the couch for several weeks after that one
Question_Mark Před 11 dny
Why? It’s her fault she got stuck. If she’s so pathetic that she makes him sleep on the couch because he was filming it, then it’s probably time for a divorce. Many better women out there who won’t punish you over petty things.
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo Před 17 dny
05:00 freaking mormon elder 😂😂 tinha que ser missionário
Tamara J
Tamara J Před 17 dny
Were those rocks hammering the cars?
Unidentified Leiviathan
1:24 im just glad the BMW is ok
Serenity now
Serenity now Před 17 dny
0:57 dude is drowning huhuuuhuuhu huhuuuhuhu
Trish S
Trish S Před 17 dny
Has anyone checked on Dave
Fassbinder's Franz Biberkopf
1:34 Offroad.
Scerge Před 17 dny
first guy looks like manny paciou
0StaticVortex0 Před 17 dny
Why TF did that girl at the end have her mouth open like she was gonna catch some water in it? Wtf did you think was going to happen?
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Před 17 dny
That traffic light was like YOU MAY PASS
maxpower690 Před 17 dny
God we’re fat
Mattia Fontanelli
Mattia Fontanelli Před 17 dny
La prima clip segna gli ultimi momenti di vita del Pablo
Lutzinger Před 17 dny
Stop that fucking bleeping! They said FUCK... FUCK... FUCK... for FUCKs sake!!
Егор Длин
Егор Длин Před 17 dny
I adore some of these people😆 Situation: dangerous af He: laughs like a moran
Simson Petrol
Simson Petrol Před 17 dny
destroying coral reef...great...
Nora Beirnaert
Nora Beirnaert Před 17 dny
The dog on 1:43 in the mirror is like: "Oh shit here we go again..."
Иван Double_DraGoN
3:25 - Высадка в Нормандии?)
Cerberus Před 17 dny
“Don’t touch the reef” Lady @0:18 “Fuck it”
birxov Před 17 dny
1:26 i thought in Jurasic park 1 when its raining and the fat guy tries to leave the island
Eddy Teddy
Eddy Teddy Před 17 dny
I need about 20 beers to find any of this funny.
surfjygg Před 17 dny
Hahaha😂 this are so fun😛😜🤪
WarChild5309 ————
Tell me you fail at being a human without actually telling you SUCK!
Cool Story Bro!
Cool Story Bro! Před 17 dny
03:27 - Best moment!
Familia López y hernandez
0:17 guys...
Paul J. Brazzle Jr.
Paul J. Brazzle Jr. Před 17 dny
Danie de Waal
Danie de Waal Před 17 dny
The comment in the first clip is a true reflection of attitudes today. In the past, if someone said “I got you back”, it used to mean that if something goes wron, I will help. Nowadays it means, if something goes wrong, then I will record it and put it on the internet.
Dave Woff
Dave Woff Před 17 dny
When you laugh like a moron, cut the audio before you send it in! Same with omg omg omg omg omg omg and I got it on video I got it on video yeah we know stupid! That train though wow
Pedro Nem
Pedro Nem Před 17 dny
And stupid people LOL
Travell and amazing videos
Earth day🥰♥️ ---smk🥰🚴🚴🚴
RoseOfTheNight4444 Před 17 dny
jason willy
jason willy Před 17 dny
Best Fail 😂
Dr Dre
Dr Dre Před 17 dny
Anyone see the guy get blown over the fence at 5:20?
Janina H
Janina H Před 17 dny
Why tf are people laughing in the kayak video and the car going under water? people could have f*cking drowned that is not funny
Jennifer Andrew
Jennifer Andrew Před 17 dny
I'll bet Dave had to sleep in his own tent that night.
Towarzysz Tse-G
Towarzysz Tse-G Před 17 dny
7:21 Wrocław, Poland :-)
Sebastian Ch.
Sebastian Ch. Před 17 dny
4:42 WOW XD
Sebastian Ch.
Sebastian Ch. Před 17 dny
4:09 OMG - What is that??
Awesome World
Awesome World Před 18 dny
Failarmy in a awesome World 👌🏻👌🏻
Brandon Xia
Brandon Xia Před 18 dny
Is the first one the munyanyo guy? Lol
Angelo Před 18 dny
1:00 one laughs while the other one drowns and fucking dies
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