57 Workout Fails You DON'T Want To Repeat! FailArmy 

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Ever drop a Clean & Snatch onto the back of your neck?! After watching our latest compilation of gym rats & buff bunnies failing harder than their pumps allow, you'll want to skip leg day, chest day, all cardio and everything else along the way. Tell us... do you still really miss the gym?
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28. 04. 2021





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Yatyas68Whiskey Před 12 dny
When your EGO is bigger than your muscles.........
John Ryan
John Ryan Před 3 dny
No doubt. It's like chill out a little bit. My god.
shishinonaito Před 7 dny
Except it's not ego, but pure stupidity
Saurav Sharma
Saurav Sharma Před 8 dny
Robert New
Robert New Před 10 dny
And your i-q
Oleg Mykha
Oleg Mykha Před 10 dny
How to identify people in the comment section who never stepped out of their comfortable zone a.k.a. sofa ^
Ibu Rukiyah
Ibu Rukiyah Před 37 minutami
0:39 I like
Andrew Před 5 hodinami
Cross fitters do some cool things but DANG they are stupid sometimes.
Mike Manning
Mike Manning Před 6 hodinami
When your mind tells you that you can but your body says no
Wolfen 75
Wolfen 75 Před 7 hodinami
There's more to picking things up and putting them down...
HannahLM Před 9 hodinami
All I can say is *OW*
Kill Yourself
Kill Yourself Před 9 hodinami
0:58 dude cannot let him hold the new gym bench record
Erik K.
Erik K. Před 19 hodinami
Wow skillz
TR Filip
TR Filip Před 20 hodinami
2:34 gym rats
Karl Riggs
Karl Riggs Před 22 hodinami
Why is it when someone videos themselves fucking up the keep the video and not delete it straight away? Do they want the world to see them on CScamera being ass clowns? But respect to the woman doing the farmers walk who styled it out at the end....
Watteau66 Před dnem
I like how they plan enough to make sure they have a camera recording their lifts, but didn't plan to have a spotter.
Венера Шаймарданова
Придавит штанга
Венера Шаймарданова
Венера Шаймарданова
Так умереть можно
Венера Шаймарданова
Без глаз можно
Mac Před dnem
Working out but too lazy to secure the weights?
Denver Scott
Denver Scott Před dnem
0:41 was fantastic
Jason Russell
Jason Russell Před dnem
I can’t understand why these idiots never use clips. The whole point of them is so you don’t drop every plate off the barbell. Drop your ego at the door ffs
Michael Před dnem
some total dumb asses gonna really hurt themselves in a bad way
mohsin m.s
mohsin m.s Před dnem
Who else watch 1st video more than 2 times
DP Z Před 2 dny
More proof that stupid people make dumb babies. 👌
Emmanuel Kidero
Emmanuel Kidero Před 2 dny
1:09 punching bag 1-0 Grandpa
Michael Clausen
Michael Clausen Před 2 dny
Women's gym outfit: looks like they planned it out for weeks, days, hours ahead of time. Men's gym outfit: looks like they just rolled out of bed.
Data Land A.Ş
Data Land A.Ş Před 2 dny
Common mistake when executing snatch; not locking the elbows and shoulder blades!
pain killer
pain killer Před 2 dny
상 병신들...
Val M
Val M Před 3 dny
сила есть - ума не надо.
Maximilian Borg
Maximilian Borg Před 3 dny
в очередной раз убедился, что заниматься спортом вредно для здоровья :) once again, I was convinced that playing sports is harmful to health
Adéla a Nelinka
Adéla a Nelinka Před 3 dny
Köppel Patrick
Köppel Patrick Před 3 dny
Ego Lifters = Funny
Rahomatullah Před 3 dny
3:21 red chilli 🥱
Victor de souza sperduto
1:00 great help
Oscar Londoño
Oscar Londoño Před 4 dny
Oscar Londoño
Oscar Londoño Před 4 dny
El viejito boxeador🙏🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raginglunatic14 Před 4 dny
:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we all know that feeling
daystate12345678 Před 4 dny
Martin Hansen
Martin Hansen Před 4 dny
To people who bench press alone. DON'T USE the bar lock.
Dont do the weight if your not sure you can do it by yourself and never max out w/ out a spotter. Geesh people almost killing themselves. Stay safe
MrPappa2566 Před 4 dny
At 0:58 he was going to lift that! Then spotters from hell came
TheMedic Před 4 dny
4:55 He fell so hard he left the gym
Emiliano Escobedo
Emiliano Escobedo Před 4 dny
4:53 imagine that guy doing push ups after that failed work out
The Nameless King
The Nameless King Před 4 dny
the world is full of idiots^^
syevol Před 4 dny
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
I always said working out was dangerous, this just confirms it.
Senpa Tokouso
Senpa Tokouso Před 5 dny
1:16 this guy still not learn from the first time he did this same work out stupid stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Senpa Tokouso
Senpa Tokouso Před 5 dny
1:06 papa still got it 🥂
ᏔᏔ Před 5 dny
oh my god these people where are their spotters?
Lesia Arhangielskaya
Замки? Не слышал. Страховка? Не слышал.
Montucky Man
Montucky Man Před 5 dny
DONT USE CLIPS WHEN YOUR BENCHING! ESPECIALLY ALONE! THERE IS ZERO REASON TO. The rest of the lifts? Yes , put em on! Or not. Just make sure to upload the fail tho😂
CannabisNCoffee Archie
the amount of CrossFit failure on one of these videos, speaks volumes about how terrible some of those gyms are.
Karen Hobgood
Karen Hobgood Před 5 dny
I love it when they get snapped in the where ever with the resistance bands.
Tom Před 5 dny
I remember being trapped under 95kgs whilst benching... it was near the end of my chest workout and the bar was stuck on the upper portion of my stomach, it took me like 5 minutes to wriggle from underneath the bar it was very very scary.
Tomas SoyWeyvon
Tomas SoyWeyvon Před 5 dny
All that money in equipment and not one spotter rack among them, tsk tsk
Ego Sum Umbrae Mortis
So there’s this wonderful device invented in the 60’s called the barbell clamp. Used for holding weight plates, God forbid, on the barbell. How many of these videos are plates falling every which way is incredible. Is it really that confusing?
Hannah Holness
Hannah Holness Před 5 dny
0:03 My neck. I Felt. That.
Some Random Dragon
Some Random Dragon Před 5 dny
0:59 rare to see people helping before shit happens. That one guy stumbled, but many people would not have made it there in time at all.
Space Lemur
Space Lemur Před 5 dny
Too painful to watch.
Thomas Malloy
Thomas Malloy Před 5 dny
I don't believe in god, but somedays I wish I did so I knew that there was a hell for people who work out in the gym shirtless to go to.
Nick Hord
Nick Hord Před 5 dny
2:32 what were those two heifers trying to do?? Lmao
The White Sky Vlogs
now i am scared to join gym
CrazySausage27 Před 6 dny
Why would he push it down 1:00
StrongManMattt Před 6 dny
0:58 He was still moving the weight he had it...
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Před 6 dny
Love those gals that can laugh at themselves...!
O. Schwede
O. Schwede Před 6 dny
...da läuft selbst die Perücke weg...
Betinho Jr
Betinho Jr Před 6 dny
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar
Game Guide And Game Exploit
4:57 get kicked by your own thing....
Game Guide And Game Exploit
2:21 K.O
ComDam Před 6 dny
2:04 why?
Madboi04 Před 6 dny
Remember people, fitness is about being healthier and feeling better, not to impress people
Corona LÜGE
Corona LÜGE Před 7 dny
Kidd Gamer
Kidd Gamer Před 7 dny
Am I the only one who goes back repeatedly to catch the reactions of everyone in the gym?
Kevin VS
Kevin VS Před 7 dny
Nothing is more satisfying than to watch cross shitters getting hurt
Yannick Fillon
Yannick Fillon Před 7 dny
The 1:49 is the worst. It hurt bad to look at it...
ComDam Před 7 dny
the first one OW OW OW OW OW OW OWW!
DominikGalović Před 7 dny
0:00-0:03 Lmao
David Kenyon
David Kenyon Před 7 dny
2:05 thats a legitimate neck strengthening exercise, not a fail
David Kenyon
David Kenyon Před 7 dny
0: 58 worst spotter on earth
Go Ahead Make My Day
It's getting to the point where you don't know if they are doing it for real or out of plain stupidity .
Tero Savikuja
Tero Savikuja Před 7 dny
1:00, Wtf the dude pushed the bar instead of lifting it?! What a jackass.
O.S.I. Intelligence
Some of these people ought to be ashamed struggling with crossfit plates 😂😂
SALTYNUGZ420 Před 7 dny
Ok 2:04 though 🤣👌
AO Před 7 dny
Is securing weights not a thing anymore ?
JoeWaylo Gaming
JoeWaylo Gaming Před 7 dny
And this is why I stick with machines, not freeweights.
FreddyLeila Před 7 dny
Thanks to the brave people and the Internet! Now I definitely won't take the barbell, only a bicycle, as always before!
Yunus S.
Yunus S. Před 7 dny
0:49 only zoom makes me laugh 😂
Zoil123 Před 7 dny
I'm sorry... whenever I see these types of fails I can't help but think.... what dumb assholes! Trying to prove something to the world in the first place. Good you deserve to get failed on!
tjbay13 Před 7 dny
To the rescue.. one hero trips the other hero and they fumble the save. The chick has to come save the day bahaha.
tjbay13 Před 7 dny
So many delusional douche bags who think they are the Hulk.
Yesica Delgado
Yesica Delgado Před 8 dny
The guy screamed like a girl when he jumped flipped BAM 😹
Yulana Low
Yulana Low Před 8 dny
Were there any deaths or maimings during the filming?
szulbert ONe
szulbert ONe Před 8 dny
That's how Wales going back to gym tomorrow.
Owl Eyes Healing
Owl Eyes Healing Před 8 dny
A camera is not a spotter. Some of these things they are doing floor me!
cperception Před 8 dny
I cracked up on the first one
Sanjay W
Sanjay W Před 8 dny
sitting here eating my jalepeno chicken burger laughing at people who do more than I could do. yay
Ken_ Tafari
Ken_ Tafari Před 8 dny
Good job guys
Neal Beard
Neal Beard Před 8 dny
These aren't fails they are people having a go.
Elliott Stillings
Elliott Stillings Před 6 dny
Same with me with my first driver's test. Didn't fail, just having a go
Seth Ael
Seth Ael Před 8 dny
Some of them are really in the "Darwin Award" Team.. so stupid, its pathetic.
Theodore Laval
Theodore Laval Před 8 dny
Am I the only one who thinks guys in weight belts look like Shrek?
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