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Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails coming at you! Rude kids, vicious roosters, and expensive car fails round out this week’s episode. Enjoy them, you earned it!
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26. 03. 2021





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cne1975 Před měsícem
That’s T.J’s story and he’s sticking to it
Ty Wilkins
Ty Wilkins Před 24 dny
@kirdot2011 Damn dude, how’s living in Alabama with your sister this time of year? You racist p.o.s.
Ant 88
Ant 88 Před 27 dny
@Squirrel no reply I guess 🤷 oh well shut up.
Ant 88
Ant 88 Před měsícem
@Kou Lockz it's in my nature lol.
Ant 88
Ant 88 Před měsícem
@Squirrel and my opinions are it was wrong the officer deserves a long ass sentence or death for what he did he basically suffocated a man abusing his power!!!
Ant 88
Ant 88 Před měsícem
@Squirrel I started nothing so I don't know what your getting at I just made my opinion thats all what's wrong with that?
Nate Devos
Nate Devos Před 18 dny
The clips at 0:57 and 6:56 look to be from the same person. I guess they didn't learn their lesson the first time. LOL
Josh Před 21 dnem
Man drops anvils and I cringed so hard but thought: Well, at least you're okay.
CaptainFoufeu Před 22 dny
0:57 and 6:57 are the same people! Notice the same blue Ford 500, same driveway and sidewalk.
inmydarkesthour 22
inmydarkesthour 22 Před 25 dny
Everytime a millennial does something stupid trying to film themselves it makes me happy lol
Crispy and Spicy
Crispy and Spicy Před 27 dny
That dog saw an opportunity and ran with it, pun intended
SyrupAttack Před 28 dny
Honestly, you’d think that common sense would stop a lot of these But common sense is a rarity
elenya venier
elenya venier Před měsícem
the puppy so cute
Spart Articus
Spart Articus Před měsícem
how do u mess up a hard boiled egg so much that it EXPLODES
Jimmy neutron
Jimmy neutron Před měsícem
Nacho Chips
Nacho Chips Před měsícem
did you DO DIS? DID YOU DO DIS???? born in america...
BOOM POPS Před měsícem
fauteh nikoo
fauteh nikoo Před měsícem
00:38 NEVER put boiled eggs in microwave more than a minute , the exact same thing happen in my face when I tried to bite one , and it was HOT ...
ruedasos Před měsícem
girl copies please learn to dress!!!
Mr Taff
Mr Taff Před měsícem
3:10 it looks like the rooster has some anger issues=D=P
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
Despite the mounting evidence TJ to this day still insists he didn’t do it!
Michael C
Michael C Před měsícem
6:40 haha. The sound of death.
stanley weezy
stanley weezy Před měsícem
2:32 quickest way home! 😂
Crotes1990 Před měsícem
@1:45 Quick now she's still warm!
Michael Joiner
Michael Joiner Před měsícem
3:45 see this is why kids shouldn't listen to shaggy.
Michael Joiner
Michael Joiner Před měsícem
It wasn't me 3:50 I even caught you on Camera!
Ralphzam415 Před měsícem
1:20 is my favorite video 🤣🤣🙌🏽🙌🏽
Rider of the apocalypse
Rider of the apocalypse Před měsícem
At 7:11, is that this LaBelle guy?
ICE Před měsícem
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Před měsícem
7:45 I almost died lol
I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.
I'm definitely buying the "Ass Hat" hat as soon as I can lol. I bought a Fail Armry mug a couple years ago and I use it every single day. I drink my coffee and think "It can always be worse, I could have to relive my shame forever thanks to Fail Army" somehow that with watching these videos gets me through. 😉😉🤣
Eric Bertrand
Eric Bertrand Před měsícem
NEVER run from a rooster. 🐓
sim672 Před měsícem
@6:00 guess masks really dont protect you!
AK Před měsícem
@6:33 At least he was prepared haha
AK Před měsícem
@3:20 It was like watching Tom and Jerry 🤣🤣🤣
Simone Joubert
Simone Joubert Před měsícem
“No” - T.J, 2021
Dozbert Před měsícem
Does anyone know where I can find the video of the dog at 2:04 by itself?
qebalt Drone Travel, Motorcycling & Videography
This is really hillarious 😊
Jmarion Young
Jmarion Young Před měsícem
MR floor
MR floor Před měsícem
6:45 The fail was the bad audio right
KeweKrypto 12
KeweKrypto 12 Před měsícem
2:09 thats a good piece of glass in that table.
Jared Anderson
Jared Anderson Před měsícem
The videos at 0:57 and 6:56, same location, different fails.
Philip Burton
Philip Burton Před měsícem
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson Před měsícem
Dear FailArmy...Please exclude the obviously staged fails next week.
big_ugly _builder
big_ugly _builder Před měsícem
The fall at :59 and 7:01 are the same house, same car
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev Před měsícem
Dancing on ice has really gone downhill
Amber Morris
Amber Morris Před měsícem
I love how the 2 girls laughed when the one fell🤣
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch Před měsícem
5:27 Best death scream ever
Kay Volkering
Kay Volkering Před měsícem
Ow wow seriously, that mom thought that dog wouldn't be able to take such a light table for a walk? XD underestimating muscles much
ReeBecci Před měsícem
Jon-Anders Stav
Jon-Anders Stav Před měsícem
0:12 - oh i think it was, since it's staged
Ryan’s brick Lab
Ryan’s brick Lab Před měsícem
I believe T.j
Evelyn Mackenzie
Evelyn Mackenzie Před měsícem
Why are people scared of chickens/roosters? I've been attacked by bigger roosters. Give them a kick or a foot up and they get the message.
Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer Před měsícem
I laughed so hard my tea went up my nose😂😂😂
Leonswin Před měsícem
renegade2k Před měsícem
1:50 at least she's cute
Zyden Před měsícem
TJ at 6: Cupcakes TJ at 26: Jail
gavin lannan
gavin lannan Před měsícem
16 more like it, 26 is prison
Adrian GLZ
Adrian GLZ Před měsícem
5:52 My drone 😭😭😭
duas diaries
duas diaries Před měsícem
0:37 what the heck was that ??!
Sarthak Před měsícem
TJ always : No No & No
Anjana Dileesh
Anjana Dileesh Před měsícem
Oh my God first video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣don't stop laughing
Papp K.
Papp K. Před měsícem
1:41 why is that funny? pls don't include every crap footage ppl send, it makes the compilation a cancer
Charnes Tours
Charnes Tours Před měsícem
What's funny about 4 guys posing for a photo that turns out to be a video? Am I missing something?
Kyle Doyle
Kyle Doyle Před měsícem
2:32 Aussie unfazed "it's on its way home"
skiss_skiss_ houwhi_houwih
Param Drall
Param Drall Před měsícem
Why are people so scared of Chicken !? Like just assume them As a Football !
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Před měsícem
Thumbs down for putting a commercial with 2 seconds left of video
Ar1nXD Před měsícem
would the guy with the car in the water
Ante Perišin
Ante Perišin Před měsícem
06:17 What did this guy even try to record?🤔🤣
sheezll Před měsícem
Chris Delagarza
Chris Delagarza Před měsícem
This guy has been around for forever ♾ FAIL ARMY
vlades007 Před měsícem
0:37 Eggsplosion
Ben Schroeder
Ben Schroeder Před měsícem
If a Fail Army clip starts with anything glass in frame, especially a huge sheet of glass...you know what is going to happen.
Tucker Latham
Tucker Latham Před měsícem
6:55 Some people never learn
Андрей Георгиевич
Новый выпуск. Наконец-то посрал нормально
Håkan Sternersson
Håkan Sternersson Před měsícem
It´s funny, because the the most videos in correct format is surveillance cameras, the other ones is from retards who doesn´t know how to hold a videocamera.
packmellon Před měsícem
How can an egg explode??
Cristian Campos
Cristian Campos Před měsícem
7:19 ok, that's scare me ! 😬
Jay Three
Jay Three Před měsícem
:57 and 6:56 she should invest in salt and better shoes!!
Steve Utgaard
Steve Utgaard Před měsícem
Awesome video funny
Moiga Před měsícem
00:08 he a little confused, but he got the spirit
Lieselotte Blubberblubb
Lieselotte Blubberblubb Před měsícem
2:12 Dog yells: Help, a table is following me
Flivver j
Flivver j Před měsícem
people are getting dummer. its impressive
gavin lannan
gavin lannan Před měsícem
comments be gettin' dummer too, sad and impressive
Amir Amiri
Amir Amiri Před měsícem
greekgod41 Před měsícem
This is why aliens absolutely refuse to visit our planet
World Awesome People
World Awesome People Před měsícem
Roger Zhang
Roger Zhang Před měsícem
i love how T.j. keeps denying it like no no no no
ramo kalupala
ramo kalupala Před měsícem
TJ's defense strategy: denial, denial, denial even with evidence all over his face.
Nevo Před měsícem
How do you fall out of your own house? 😟
Niklasgrm :D
Niklasgrm :D Před měsícem
Lol its the same driveway in minute 1 and minute 7 hahah
Omar Opqhe
Omar Opqhe Před měsícem
I loved ❤🌷🇮🇶Baghdad 💕⚘
Russ Cooke
Russ Cooke Před měsícem
At 3.25 ..... just take one at a time!!
Дед с Топором
Дед с Топором Před měsícem
Last video is epic fail 🤣
Brandy Jean
Brandy Jean Před měsícem
The dog hooked to the table that took off I like how the mom didn't immediately try to grab the dog and that kid is 100% a whiner 🙄
Brandy Jean
Brandy Jean Před 24 dny
@Markman Dave the kid didn't cry he scrame at the dog all pissed off
Markman Dave
Markman Dave Před 24 dny
I think he was crying about the dog running away. The table surprised him initially which also hit his knee and then the sight of the dog running away broke his child heart. If you notice the dog ran due to being startled by the sound of the table sliding on the ground. As it hears the rubbing grinding sound the dog looks back while still walking forward which it may have thought it was being chased or stalked. Dog freaks out and runs away.
LiveX Freak
LiveX Freak Před měsícem
@Brandy Jean stop whining about the whiner.
Brandy Jean
Brandy Jean Před měsícem
@AllyOnAir it looked like it didn't hit h that hard and his yell at the dog after was obnoxious made him seem like he's one of those kids who whine alot
AllyOnAir Před měsícem
He got hit by the metal table legs though, it must've hurt, so yeah not sure about him just whining for no reason
The cleaner Curtis
The cleaner Curtis Před měsícem
So the two adverts in this were the first was buy Australian made and the next was babybel cheese .....? An imported brand so.........?
Crispy Před měsícem
Cupcake boy lucky he didn't have that icing slapped off his face lying like that.
Cole Phelps
Cole Phelps Před měsícem
5:00 lmao its like the spongebob episode where they're selling chocolate and the injured guy falls down the stairs
Jo Ker
Jo Ker Před měsícem
Please HELP ME, I’m trying to find a prank that was in the fail army channel but isn’t there anymore, it was a brother that scare his sister with an air horn and he was in the closet, the video was in night vision image.
Dakota Ortiz
Dakota Ortiz Před měsícem
Finally some good f*cking fails!
Neddy 170
Neddy 170 Před měsícem
You could see that chest of drawers failing from a mile away. I hope the cats are ok... That's how kids are killed...
Andreas Außermeier
Andreas Außermeier Před měsícem
T. J. is inocent ! Couldt these eyes lie ?
Michael Matthews
Michael Matthews Před měsícem
The girl slipping on the ice at 7:00 has definitely been in another fail video but with her friend or sister. 2 separate videos lol
100GTAGUY Před 26 dny
Both videos are literally in this same compilation lol
John Gizzi
John Gizzi Před měsícem
That Chicken or Rooster did not want that Lady messing with his Duck Girlfriend. & in the end they both Ran at her.....lmao
Alex Looker
Alex Looker Před měsícem
217 fenton
ddddbbbb5 Před měsícem
Nice double video with Ford and women on ice. And at least the rooster had enough sense to try and keep that woman off the road to prevent further damage.