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Dee Smith
Dee Smith Před 20 hodinami
I really want to know what was up with that explosion😲
Warrie ツ
Warrie ツ Před 20 hodinami
1:59 🤣🤣🤣🤣😤😤😤
iccarus 1975
iccarus 1975 Před 20 hodinami
13:14 makes no sense, he's not stuck, just acting like an idiot with glue
TR Filip
TR Filip Před 20 hodinami
2:34 gym rats
Bluelisted Před 20 hodinami
2:38 I like how this dude unironically uses the word ‘frick’
ISHD ISHDINA Před 20 hodinami
50 cent song: Get a New hobby, be a millionaire, get a new hobby, be a millionaire..
Balraj Singh FZR
Balraj Singh FZR Před 20 hodinami
very funny
Preity Gurung
Preity Gurung Před 20 hodinami
meme era
meme era Před 20 hodinami
Can I use these video to make memes?
Mathumitha A
Mathumitha A Před 20 hodinami
Matt Liston
Matt Liston Před 20 hodinami
What an utterly pathetic man. If you can't even 'suffer' through taking off a facemask, then maybe consider Dignitas.
rachel coulson
rachel coulson Před 20 hodinami
Why do all of the really bad things happen to the pugs??? Pugs are adorable 🥰 like if y’all agree
Jim Y
Jim Y Před 21 hodinou
07:47 at that point could you legally shoot that gator?
Wysse Arcaz
Wysse Arcaz Před 21 hodinou
The man who kicked a mid-air woman's face is my favorite! That was horrible, because it's in the middle of the woman's jump. That was REALLY going to hurt!!
Broadica Před 21 hodinou
2:44 that woman behind him 😆
The Psychologist
The Psychologist Před 21 hodinou
1:58 ... where did that dude go? was it a stairwell or something he fell into?
SparkEthos Před 21 hodinou
Why in the world did you put all those awful sound effects and music? FAIL
Max Higgs
Max Higgs Před 21 hodinou
And the best actor award goes to......guy with face peel.
Chris L
Chris L Před 21 hodinou
6:37 was Elon Musk's first attempt to reach space with a SpaceX bike.
Paul Sheffield
Paul Sheffield Před 21 hodinou
Chris L
Chris L Před 21 hodinou
cost about $15,000 to replace that stop light.
Shin S.
Shin S. Před 21 hodinou
No olympics in Tokyo
Tanvi Wani
Tanvi Wani Před 21 hodinou
3:22 no way funny
Rampage 75_
Rampage 75_ Před 22 hodinami
NATURE BOWS TO NOONE A**************************************
Bink of Xanth
Bink of Xanth Před 22 hodinami
people in my region die once a week doing stuff like this
4XgodShooter 373
4XgodShooter 373 Před 22 hodinami
2:59 😂so mean the fish he jus tryna get a pic slaps him right in the face so poor my guy 😆
TJ! Před 22 hodinami
0:45 welcome to los santos
A day in the life of a Yeti
A day in the life of a Yeti Před 22 hodinami
4:40 that's one smart cookie. a can opener, soo difficult.
Sanjay Gurung
Sanjay Gurung Před 22 hodinami
2:00 🤣🤣😜
Karl Riggs
Karl Riggs Před 22 hodinami
Why is it when someone videos themselves fucking up the keep the video and not delete it straight away? Do they want the world to see them on CScamera being ass clowns? But respect to the woman doing the farmers walk who styled it out at the end....
Tegan Burns
Tegan Burns Před 22 hodinami
Definitely feel like random states were just stacked with random videos...
Ami Thomas
Ami Thomas Před 22 hodinami
3:20 was that cat digging it's way out from the snow. This was me this winter. I gave up.
Dddelta Rampock
Dddelta Rampock Před 23 hodinami
i wonder how much energy does these people have to spend for this stupidity. I wish i have those much energy so that i can use for everyday life.
PlathanosTheGrape Před 23 hodinami
7:29 MegicoMaxico
Meaux Jeaux
Meaux Jeaux Před 23 hodinami
H E X M E T A L Před dnem
The subtitles for the fart sound said it was music. That is accurate by today's standards.
Vanes Lin
Vanes Lin Před dnem
My fav 5:20
Charlene Garland
Charlene Garland Před dnem
@artofkickz.. Reaction..???
Jakub Gawroński
Jakub Gawroński Před dnem
Where is legendary Pan Paweł?
Bayou Kitchen Guy
Did the horse just smile? @ 2:01
SingenStatt Atmen
Who the fuck allowed that kid at 4:19 to go on that ride? When the safety bar is at her throat, she ain't tall enough for the ride! 🤦🏻
Azman Hafiz
Azman Hafiz Před dnem
CrazyCatCarnt Před dnem
No, not like that Sophia!
Raz Cann
Raz Cann Před dnem
7:52 doesn't belong in this compilation. Definitely not funny.
Efren Panillos
Efren Panillos Před dnem
Fail army is thabest
sassycat175 Před dnem
The guy carrying a BABY and stealing a package?????? WTF
Ryanzim jogos
Ryanzim jogos Před dnem
Kkkkkkkkkkkkk que comentário
Watteau66 Před dnem
I like how they plan enough to make sure they have a camera recording their lifts, but didn't plan to have a spotter.
Роман Мальцев
Dolphin was like: "No filming! "
MR. LVPD Před dnem
2:31 not expected this
Kn. 399
Kn. 399 Před dnem
The queens guard😆😂
autkhajon Witoonchart
0:24 Thai people
jerrylee126 Před dnem
06:18 It's a prank Sarge!! See, see the camera... SARGE!! ~ Yeah, I see... Drop and gimmie 20.... million
Live Flame
Live Flame Před dnem
Title must be : "stupidity: sons of tik tok"
Vibed Ham
Vibed Ham Před dnem
My favorite part is 6:33 Haha now you have to find the part you were at
siemprefidelis7 Před dnem
"I see stupid people". I hope the ones doing stupid unnecessary stunts and the drunks get hurt bad. Maybe they'll think twice next time
Sabby D
Sabby D Před dnem
Wonder if a warning sign was put up about the fish and how would that have read
Salitech Před dnem
Teach the boy a lesson without the world watching. Some people always need an audience. Good guidance idiots.
Ind Pol Com
Ind Pol Com Před dnem
no wonder this video is full of blacks and people of south american descent.
Erwin Dignadice
Erwin Dignadice Před dnem
why Man life so short ? Watch this vids.😁
Венера Шаймарданова
Придавит штанга
Венера Шаймарданова
Венера Шаймарданова
Так умереть можно
Венера Шаймарданова
Без глаз можно
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez Před dnem
I like to say Joe like the guy try to jump trash can
acs108 Před dnem
That first one would hurt!
Dallas Chelick
Dallas Chelick Před dnem
That moment when you assume they're going to start playing drivers licence.
Drop The Text
Drop The Text Před dnem
The Walmart dude: The heads: swivel *slides across linoleum floor* Good evening
pxper squad tea
pxper squad tea Před dnem
2:02 dont shove the dog it just helped you also whos wacthing this because they got a new trampoline and cant wait to set it up but is discorage by the amount of times the trampilen rips in this video
Dark Zak
Dark Zak Před dnem
Gee I didnt know that’s how you ride a bike. I’ve been staying upright and pedaling it all this time
Shin BB
Shin BB Před dnem
1:08 VIETNAMES có câu , cười người hôm trước hôm sau người cười...
wisnu wardhana
wisnu wardhana Před dnem
7:56 i neve know that anyone can do this
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Před dnem
There's yeh spoidah
candy mann
candy mann Před dnem
Fail is correct... This is crap.